Friday, January 13, 2006

Word of mouth = peer to peer advertising

There are some numbers that show word of mouth is more effective than any other form of advertising. Specifically, i can say that peer to peer word of mouth is the most effective, and if the users are generating this type of content, then the other users are likely listening...

Response Mean Index*
Positive word of mouth from someone you knew personally 7.7 - 134
Negative word of mouth from someone you knew personally 7.0 - 121
A negative news story on TV/Radio/Newspaper/Magazine 5.7 - 99
A TV or radio commercial 4.7 - 82
An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine 4.6 80

Source: WOMMA

The Wall Street Journal covered the topic...

The WSJ had a series two weeks ago called "DIY Media" and this is an excerpt from one of those articles. It serves to add validity to the idea that users can generate great content...

“Drawing consumers into marketing campaigns is a time-honored tactic, whether companies are searching for the new Oscar Mayer kid, Brawny man, or Crayola Crayon colors. But in recent years, the Internet has furthered the conversation between corporations and consumers, tapping into the public's views and talents on a grander scale. Meanwhile, new technologies enable even amateurs to create sophisticated images. Earlier this year, Subaru of America enlisted fledgling filmmakers to produce 30-second films. The company was trying to generate awareness for the launch of its Subaru B9 Tribeca, an SUV”.


This is a tylenol ad that was created by a user as part of a contest that was held. I know the brother of this guy and he sent it over to me, without realizing i would send it out to the world. Check it out - its a fantastic example of the high quality production and creative ideas that can be done by a user with little to no budget.

Monday, January 09, 2006

"I don't need to speak to the man..."

This is one of the Firefox ads that are being created as part of the trend toward user generated content. Funny, quick, and i think it might have been made my old high school science teacher...

Google Maps Ad...

I love the old ladies with strippers. Its funny, its viral, and its a great example of low budget with high results...