Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guba Does Deal with Warner Bros.

These guys are new, but the site is very clean and cool and will probbaly succeed...


The Gold Rush is on, so they say below...

Just in case you didn't notice, this business is certainly taking off...


Talk Shoe... user generated talk shows


TalkShoe connects people of common interests using simultaneous live voice conferencing and chat. Example uses of TalkShoe include sports discussion groups, political debates, small business meetings, friends and family chats, book clubs, hobbyists' meetings, and education, and training. In addition, up to 1,000 people can talk and/or listen to a live Talkcast, and unlimited people can download the recorded podcasts. By producing Talkcasts, hosts can make money. Hosts are paid for each person that joins, listens to, downloads, or podcasts their Talkcast. Money is earned from text and banner advertising (i.e. Google AdSense), audio ad insertion, and video ads. In addition, hosts can choose to charge a fee for their Talkcasts.