Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mapping Out UGC

This site was sent to me and i was VERY impressed right off the bat. Its a living map that shows where people have posted up pictures from various locations throughout the world. Its a useful mash-up of a maping function and a photo sharing application. Check it out...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

AdAge See's That Lots Of Brands Are Jumping Into UGC

NEW YORK ( -- What if ordinary TV viewers went from watching commercials to creating them? We’re about to find out.

Sony Electronics, Toyota Motor Sales USA and L’Oreal Paris have cut deals with Al Gore’s Current TV that will usher the beleaguered 30-second spot into the age of consumer-generated content and send shivers down the spines of agency creatives. The marketers will enlist the network’s viewers to produce commercials and will pay to air the best of those spots.

An online phenomenon User-generated content is all the rage on the Internet -- attracted 4.9 million unique visitors in January and reports 20,000 video uploads a day -- and Current is exporting the phenomenon to TV...

Mastercard Launches Its Own Promotion for UGC

Finally - create your own Mastercard commercial and they will air the best submissions. People have been doing this for sometime online, but know they get endorsed by the brand.

MySpace: The Movie?

A hilarious MySpace parody on YouTube has become so popular, the 21-year-old producer has been offered a development deal by MTVU. Called "MySpace: The Movie,"the clip has been viewed a total of 3.4 million times.

What is the world coming to?