Friday, January 13, 2006

Word of mouth = peer to peer advertising

There are some numbers that show word of mouth is more effective than any other form of advertising. Specifically, i can say that peer to peer word of mouth is the most effective, and if the users are generating this type of content, then the other users are likely listening...

Response Mean Index*
Positive word of mouth from someone you knew personally 7.7 - 134
Negative word of mouth from someone you knew personally 7.0 - 121
A negative news story on TV/Radio/Newspaper/Magazine 5.7 - 99
A TV or radio commercial 4.7 - 82
An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine 4.6 80

Source: WOMMA


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Shonie said...

I completely agree-P2P (peer to peer) advertising is clearly the most effective. If your friend has an iPod and loves it, you're more likely to buy one!

At 3:17 PM, Blogger BuddyBuilder said...

Speaking of peer to peer advertising, I added your new blog here to my Blog links at

Feel free to return the gesture.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger al_fresco said...

I read your OnlineSpin articles often. We share similar views on the implications of UGC and what it means to the marketing world.

I'm glad to see you've created a blog and plan to make frequent stops.

For an irreverent blogsperience, stop by Be sure to have your creative hat on. These folks will keep you on your toes.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Mizz Maci said...

I also agree "Word of Mouth" is a valuable tool and that consumers should use it to their advantage, to keep their friends, families, acquaintances from buying faulty, or just plain "BAD PRODUCTS." I wish I would of had a friend or anyone other than the Dell computer company, to tell me they had problems. I have 2 dell Computers, desktop, and have constantly complained to Dell about them not working, they give me clues how to get the drives back to where windows could read them. then finally, the microprocessor broke, and DELL said they wouls take care of it~~~waiting, waiting, and waiting, and NO sign of DELL, or their Technicians. So, for all of you out there, use "Word of Mouth" and let others know of problems you have with companies. Dell now has a class action suit against them for the very thing that is wrong with my 2 computers, by a Law firm out of San francisco. It was word of mouth I was told, that hundreds got together to file this. Dell knew they had problems, but they stodd quietly by. Now, you can go to their web site, and they EVEN tell you how to fix the Magnitude of problems with their Desktops, especially the Demension 4600's. I felt they would stand behind their product, but I guess the masses of PC problkems would have put a strain on their already falling stock and profit and loss. I hate to say it, but I hope they go bankrupt. It would serve flunky Michael Dell right. Go out and tell people if you have faulty products or companies that won't stand behind what they sold you. It is your right! I wish to God someone had told me!


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